Arlington National Cemetery

Since 1996, the staff at Rox Engineering has been providing a wide range of environmental planning and compliance services for Arlington National Cemetery. Under this contract, we have accomplished the following:

  • Performed identification of asbestos, lead paint, and PCBs in eight (8) buildings;anc
  • Developed Sample and Analysis Plan (SAP) for post demolition testing;
  • Conducted Phase II Site Characterizations for residue pesticide and petroleum products;
  • Performed pre-demolition TCLP (Lead) sampling of the solid waste streams;
  • Managed abatement of asbestos and PCB;
  • Installed monitoring wells and monitored groundwater contamination;
  • Conducted First Responder Awareness/HAZCOM training;
  • Performed Pollution Prevention (P2) inventories and prepared a facility Pollution Prevention Plan;
  • Prepared and filed SARA Title III (Tier II/TRI Form R) documentation to comply with annual EPCRA reporting requirements.